Nokia MeeGo Z500 Tablet PC

Wednesday, May 4 Agin
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 Nokia MeeGo Z500 Tablet PC

Early this summer, a rumor about Nokia’s Meego tablet called Nokia Z500 has garnered interest from gadget users. The name Z500 has been spreaded and discussed since the joined forces of Nokia’s and Intel on Meego operating system. 

It is reported that someone injected Z500 to Ovi’s handset URL and surprisingly, Ovi store accepted the device as a valid name. So it proves that Z500 is being developed by Nokia. We get back to the question why it hasn’t been released yet. According to some sources, Nokia hasn’t released the Z500 yet because Nokia isn’t happy with the tablet’a price and features.
Nokia tablet PC will be equipped with AMR processor, will be by the Taiwanese company Foxconn OEM, the screen size of 7 inches to 9 inches in between, not only already have 100 testing machine appear, and even according to those who personally experienced the internal argument, the Nokia tablet is by far the best tablet ever seen. Therefore, the time for the sake of platform may be a drag on the release of Nokia Z500, delayed from the fourth quarter of last year's first quarter of this year.

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